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Narcissus photoThough Narcissi is given in dictionaries as the plural of Narcissus, The American Daffodil Society prefers the use of narcissus for both singular and plural. Narcissus is the Latin name for a group of hardy, mostly spring-flowering, bulbs. There are several Narcissus species that bloom in the autumn. Daffodil is the common English name for all narcissus. The botanic name of the genus is Narcissus. They are mostly native to the Mediterranean region, but a few species are found through central Asia to China. The range of forms in cultivation has been heavily modified and extended, with new variations available in nurseries practically every year. The name is derived from that of the narcisstic youth of Greek mythology called Narkissos.

Narcissus are sometimes called jonquils in North America, but strictly speaking that name belongs only to the rush-leaved Narcissus jonquilla and cultivars derived from it.

Daffodil is the common English name for all Narcissus.

The horticultural divisions include:

* Trumpet daffodils
* Large-cupped daffodils
* Small-cupped daffodils
* Double daffodils
* Triandrus daffodils
* Cyclamineus daffodils
* Jonquilla daffodils
* Tazetta (Poetaz or Bunch-flowered) daffodils
* Poeticus (Poet's) daffodils
* Bulbocodium daffodils
* Split-corona daffodils
* Other daffodils which don't fit the above divisions
* Species and wild hybrids
* Miniature daffodils are found in all divisions.

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