Phlox (pronounced "flocks") is a genus of perennial flower that blooms in early spring. They are native mainly to temperate North America, with a few species in eastern Asia.

Phlox range in color from pale blue to bright red to white. Some species such as Smooth Phlox (Phlox glaberrima) grow to 1.5 m tall, while others, such as Creeping Phlox (Phlox stolonifera), form low mats only a few centimetres in height.

Phlox is best grown in well-drained soil, exposed to partial shade to partial sun. The foliage of Phlox is sometimes eaten by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Hummingbird hawk moth. The plant is also popular with rabbits and deer if no other food source is available.

Phlox Species

* Phlox adsurgens - Northern Phlox
* Phlox alyssifolia
* Phlox andicola
* Phlox austromontana
* Phlox bifida - Sand Phlox
* Phlox borealis
* Phlox bryoides
* Phlox buckleyi - Swordleaf Phlox
* Phlox caespitosa - Cushion Phlox
* Phlox carolina - Thickleaf Phlox
* Phlox cuspidata - Pointed Phlox
* Phlox diffusa - Spreading Phlox
* Phlox divaricata - Blue Phlox or Woodland Phlox
* Phlox douglasii
* Phlox drummondii - Drummond Phlox
* Phlox floridana - Florida Phlox
* Phlox glaberrima - Smooth Phlox
* Phlox idahonis - Idaho Phlox
* Phlox kelseyi - Kelsey's Phlox
* Phlox maculata - Meadow Phlox
* Phlox missoulensis - Missoula Phlox
* Phlox multiflora - Flowery Phlox, Rocky Mountain Phlox
* Phlox nana - Santa Fe Phlox
* Phlox nivalis - Trailing Phlox
* Phlox ovata - Mountain Phlox
* Phlox paniculata - Summer Phlox
* Phlox pilosa - Prairie Phlox
* Phlox pulchra - Alabama Phlox
* Phlox sibirica - Siberian Phlox
* Phlox speciosa - Bush Phlox
* Phlox stolonifera - Creeping Phlox
* Phlox subulata - Moss Phlox

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