(also known as Peruvian lily, Inca Lily )

Alstroemeria flower

The alstroemeria is also known by various different names. Three such names are the Peruvian lily, the Inca lily and the Lily of the Incas linking it to one of its countries of origin. In addition, another name for the plant is the Ulster Mary. Whatever name the plant goes by it will always make ideal anniversary gifts for partners or parents alike.

The Peruvian lily is also a popular plant for gardens and can add an exotic air to the planting and can be placed along with other romantic flowers. The plant favours a rich, slightly acidic soil and an area where summer temperatures are moderate, similar to the mountainous areas where it originally thrived. As a general rule the Peruvian lily requires six hours of sunlight per day and needs regularly watering by the gardener. In addition, the Peruvian lily enjoys a spot in the garden that provides high or partial shade. If the keen gardener manages to provide the ideal conditions for the plant then they will be richly rewarded with magnificent blooms from late spring to early summer and a plant that is hardy in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Centigrade.

The most popular alstroemeria plants are hybrids; this means that they are cross bred from both the Brazilian and Chilean plants. This makes them almost evergreen plants that flower for most of the year, so providing their beautiful designer flowers in the garden all year round.

One of the most romantic gifts a person can give to the loves in their life is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether they are given as special anniversary gifts, a birthday or Valentines day present or just a token to express ones love to another, a pretty display of designer flowers will always be appreciated. Romantic flowers express such a lot to the one who receives the gift. Designer flowers are ideal to give on Mothers Day and romantic flowers are a fantastic present for birthdays or a congratulations treat.

A fantastic example of a beautiful flower that provides a splash of colour is the alstroemeria; it can look perfect within anniversary gifts as it can be used to make a magnificent display. The alstroemeria is an exotic looking bloom that resembles a miniature lily. It grows on tall, strong, branched stems and produces a trumpet shape flower. It is popular in displays and bouquets of designer flowers since it will survive in water after being cut, for a 2 week window. The flower itself can have striking spotted or striped markings depending on the hybrid and has been bred to produce blooms in various different colours and shades, from the purest white through a range of golden yellows, pinky apricots to more dramatic shades of red, purple and lavender.

The alstroemeria plants and flowers were originally found in the South American countries of Chile, Brazil and Peru, where they thrived in the cool mountainous regions. It was from these countries that the seeds were first collected and finally named Alstroemeria, after the Swedish Baron Claus Von Alstroemer who lived between 1736-1794, by his close friend Carolus Linnaeus. Baron Von Alstroemer was a keen botanist and was the first to appreciate the delicate beauty of the alstroemeria flower.

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