House plants

Air Plants - Offers growing and care advice for tillandsias: watering, lighting, fertilizing, mounting, propagation and FAQ.

All About Houseplants - Collection of articles, tips, and links on basic houseplant care.

All About Houseplants - The Gardener's Network - Offers a guide to selection and care. Topics include forcing bulbs and blooms, pots and containers, propagation and terrariums.

Caring for Flowering and Foliage House Plants - The Garden Helper - Offers information on topics including dish gardens, terrariums, indoor topiaries, repotting, pests and toxic plants. Includes a glossary, botanical names and guides to individual species.

Casa Garden of Malaysia - Contains a gallery of interior plants which can be used in the home or office. Photographs of plants include palms, potted plants and rubber plants. The nursery is located in Jalan Ampang, Malaysia.

Extreme Indoor Gardening - Provides information on indoor gardening. Topics include the basics, troubleshooting and children's projects.

Green and Ever Growing - Offers an alphabetical reference guide. Includes water and light requirements, common pests, characteristics, pruning hints and photographs.

Green Patio - Offers a searchable database with care and maintenance information. Includes information on topics including terrace gardening and FAQ.

Guide to Growing Houseplants - NebGuide - Offers tips for caring for plants in artificial environments. Includes information about pests and diseases.

Guide to Selecting Houseplants - NebGuide - Provides information for selecting plants based on environmental conditions. Includes a list of plants and their general requirements.

House Plant Care & Watering - This web site sells products designed for the proper care and watering of all house plants.The products are endorsed by leading pot manufactures, professional growers and gardening clubs.

House Plants - Offers information on air-cleaning and poisonous plants. Includes details toxicity and risks.

House Plants - AllExperts - Offers answers to reader-submitted questions. Includes reader's ratings and comments.

House Plants - Gardenline - Offers growing and care advice from the University of Saskatchewan. Includes growing from seeds, humidity, using pure water as well as detailed information for several specific plants.

House Plants - Plant - Offers information by common name for the novice grower. Includes a discussion forum and a plant finder.

House Plants Forum - Garden Web - Offers a discussion forum. Topics include care, selection and sources.

House Plants: Proper Care and Problem Solving - Offers information about cultural considerations. Includes trouble signs and common infectious diseases.

Houseplant Hydroculture - Guide to growing houseplants without the use of soil: materials, nutrients, plant care, and FAQs.

Houseplants - I Can Garden - Offers feature articles. Topics include repotting, seasonal tips, checking seeds and non-toxic pesticides.

Houseplants - University of Illinois Extension - Offers information on topics including needs, selection, care, health and propagation. Includes types by botanical and common name and by light requirements.

Indoor Gardening - Better Homes and Gardens - Offers a discussion group. Includes a plant finder.

Indoor Gardening - Insects/Diseases - Offers articles, news and briefs from the University of Minnesota Extension Service. Topics include bacterial leaf diseases, powdery mildew and root rot.

Indoor Jungle - Offers techniques and feature articles on topics such as moss poles, winter problems and life spans. Includes FAQ, a photo gallery and a discussion forum.

Indoor Plants - Terrariums - Offers tips on growing in transparent glass or plastic. Topics include containers, soil, placement and care.

Insiders' Plant Information - Offers information used by horticultural professionals. Includes weekly tips, an IQ test, myths, bulletins, and help in diagnosing problems.

Interior Plantscaping with Large Houseplants - Offers instructions for massing green foliage indoors. Includes selections by lighting and problem diagnostics.

Misc-Houseplant-Exchange - Offers a discussion board for trading house plants. Includes some issue discussions.

Muttart Conservatory: Passionflower Factsheet - Brief information and care instructions for these tropical vining plants, with emphasis on their use as houseplants. [PDF]

My Hoyas - Includes photographs and descriptions of the author's hoya collection.

Peperomia House Plant Cuttings - Offers a step-by-step guide to propagating variegated varieties of peperomia using stem cuttings. Includes photographs. - Offers a database of over 2,000 species and genera of indoor plants. Includes common pests, photographs and a bulletin board. Paid subscription required for some information. - Guide to houseplants, featuring a directory of common species with basic information and a photo for each, articles about care and culture, and Q&A.

The Poinsettia - Provides basic horticultural and pest management procedures. Includes reflowering and propagation information.

Poinsettia Care in the Home - Ohio State University Extension - Offers information on watering, light, temperature and reflowering.

Potted Plants - Offers information on identification and care. Includes articles on indoor bulb gardens, bonsai and safety. From Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Propagating House Plants - NebGuide - Offers instructions for making cuttings, divisions and runners, germinating seed and air layering. Includes a list of common plants and propagation methods. - Offers information about growing the Peace Lilly indoors. Includes care, varieties and FAQ.

University of Illinois Extension: Poinsettia Pages - Poinsettia history, facts, and care, including instructions for reflowering.

World of Ficus, The - Offers information on care and growing habits. Topics include seasonal care, varieties, pruning, irrigation and transplanting. [Multi-lingual]

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